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Project Results

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A new professional profile: Electromagnetic Fields Health and Safety Officer in Welding (EF-HSOW);

A harmonized standard of qualification in the risk assessment of electromagnetic fields in the welding sector, aligned with the new EU directive, to promote mobility of specialists in Europe;
Language learning and linguistic diversity trough the provision of a multilingual curriculum and pilot training sessions;
Increase of transparency of competences and qualifications for the risk assessment of electromagnetic fields in the welding sector.The European curriculum to be developed promotes transparency and mutual trust between VET systems;
Implemention of ICT new learning opportunities, via the development of an innovative ICT training solution;
To access the project results for non-commercial purposes, please send a request to one of the partners on the contact page.
Following results are available:
1) HS-EMFW State of the art report
3) HS-EMFW Slides EN
4) HS-EMFW National Guideline EN_GE_PT_IT
5) HS-EMFW Guide for implementation EN_GE_PT_IT
6) HS-EMFW European Recommendations
7) HS-EMFW State of the Art report & Toolbox EN
The WELDZONE simulator gives the students the impression of the directive and its impact.To access the the WeldZone Simulator for non-commercial purposes, please request an account at