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Newsletter 30.11.2017

E7- International Project Conference

The final international conference of the HS-EMFW project took place on 16th of November 2017 in Porto Salvo. In the main reception hall a HS-EMFW table, with flyers, rollup, a computer with WeldZone game installed to be played and other project materials as well was placed. There all the project partners networked with the visitors/participants and promoted the project results. A short presentation of the HS-EMFW results at the Joining Platform Assembly gave the conference participants the opportunity to get aware the this project at its impact for Europe.

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Newsletter 13.11.2017

E3 - Hands on Approach Seminar Italy

The E3 – hands on approach seminar took in place on the last 12th of October in Genoa at IIS’ headquarter. Twelve experts attended to the event, and they were, for the majority, HSE- manager and welding coordinator.The event was split in two sessions: in the first one it was shown the new professional profile, HS-EMFOW, and the course structure and in the second one it was shown the didactical materials developed in the project (handbook, presentations and serious game).The attendees shown a big interest in these results and especially there were some requests to plan the course of the HS-EMFOW profile

Newsletter 1.10.2017

E1 - Hands on Approach Seminar Austria

On September 27th, 2017 and September 28th, 2017, the hands on approach seminar on the topic of safety in electromagnetic fields in welding technology took place in the “Schweißtechnischen Zentralanstalt” in Vienna. The aim of this pilot course was to evaluate the training materials produced within the Erasmus + project "Health and Safety in Electromagnetics Fields in Welding" on the basis of a trial in reality with participants from industry and training centers, and to develop potential for improvement. In addition to the theoretical lectures on the Directive EC Directive 2013/35 / EU, the topics of measurement technology and calculation were also examined in more detail. Special attention was paid to the contents and problems of the practical exercises, together with Wiltron (many thanks to Ing. Saustingl) and the AUVA (“Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt”, many thanks to Dr. Schiessl). Measurements of the actionlevels at special welding processes (MAG-CMT) as well as test methods in the non-destructive test (MT) were carried out and the results of the measurements were explained and discussed. The dependency of the measurement results on the probe diameter and the positioning of the probe were also shown.

A subsequent survey of the participants provided a very positive assessment of the contents of the course and a series of possible improvements for further courses. Based on the findings, it will be possible to offer and hold this training in a broad context at SZA in the future. Thanks to the support of the Erasmus + program, it has been possible to develop a curriculum suitable for this training, the necessary documentation and the necessary know-how to provide this training to all industry partners affected by these provisions in the further training of their staff support


Newsletter 1.6.2017

C1 Short Staff Training Event

A very constructive week in means of setting up the course and verifying the contents of the manual topics took place from 8th of may until 12th of may 2017. The C1- Short staff training event - Train the Trainers"- of the HS-EMFW project gave the projectgroup the change to test its traingsmaterials during one week on the partners trainers and others. Expecially the learning outcomes and the structure of the topics have been discussed very intense, so that curricullum could be reviewed and finshed. Also the contents and the "Serious Game" WeldZoned was tested on different participants and sucessfully set to its final version.

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Newsletter 29.05.2017

E4 - National Awareness Event Austria

On 28 April 2017 an information event on the Directive 2013/35/ U and the regulation of electromagnetic fields - VEMF took place at “Schweißtechnische Zentralanstalt” in Vienna. This event was carried out within the scope of the Erasmus + project "Health and Safety in ElectroMagnetic Fields in Welding", HS-EMFW and found great interest in welding industry. Approximately 50 participants, belonging to companies such as Fronius, Bombardier, IGM Robotersysteme or MAN, were involved in encouraged and constructive discussions that brought the problem of this new directive for welding technology into the spotlight, after the presentations about biological effects of electromagnetic fields, EMF in welding technology, measurement principles with regard to the directive and the new training on "Electromagnetic Fields - Health and Safety Officer in Welding ".Due to the professional competence of the lectures (AUVA, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH and WILTRON technologies) many of the questions that were raised could also be clarified on the spot. A subsequent survey of the event also promises lively interest in this topic.

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